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Be-Well Partnership

Home > Departments > Office of Mental Health Policy and Advocacy > Be-Well Partnership

In an effort to expand the work of diverting the mentally ill, the Sheriff contracts out mental health evaluation/screening to Be Well Partners, a care coordination entity. This arrangement provides the Sheriff’s Office with psychologists on site to screen/evaluate inmates as soon as possible, after/during processing, for mental health issues in order to place them in the appropriate setting.

Through the partnership, the Office will advocate for a low bond and provide alternative mental health placements to individuals who present a low flight risk. These individuals would be deflected from the jail setting and receive mental health treatment in the community including intensive outpatient treatment, dual-diagnosis treatment, hospitals and nursing homes. When the program is fully implemented, the arrestee’s mental health history and evaluation will be provided to a Licensed Social Worker who will conduct an assessment and develop a care plan, or reengage the arrestee in an existing care plan, diverting the person to the appropriate care setting. The arrestee’s case history and care plan will then be provided to the Public Defender who will request an order to that community based care setting.

Home > Departments > Office of Mental Health Policy and Advocacy > Be-Well Partnership
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