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V.R.I.C. Components

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V.R.I.C. Components

Physical Training
Starting at 5:50am every morning, the entire camp participates in a demanding exercise regimen. Designed to improve the physical health of the participants and promote a sense of discipline, the training also improves stress management skills and productivity levels of the inmates.

Drill and Ceremony
Each class of inmates is separated and assigned to platoons in which they are trained. The platoons compete against each other in drills designed to display discipline and promote team unity.

Immediately upon arrival at the V.R.I.C., each inmate takes a basic educational achievement test to assess their level of ability in math and reading. Each inmate is then assigned to an educational track according to their skill level. Literacy courses, GED training, English as a Second Language classes and basic computer skills training are among the educational programs offered.

Vocational Skills

As a part if the design of the V.R.I.C. Program, inmates are given an opportunity to develop specific vocational skills which can expand the horizons into future educational/employment. For more information see Vocational Training Parnterships

Substance Abuse Prevention
Many of the V.R.I.C. inmates are drug offenders who have substance abuse problems. They will receive traditional drug and alcohol abuse counseling and learn skills that will help them remain drug free after graduation from the V.R.I.C..

General Counseling
Each platoon has a counselor who meets with the inmates on a daily basis on a platoon and/or individual basis.  The counselors assist the inmates in coping with the high-stress environment of V.R.I.C. and living in a platoon setting.  The counselors prepare the inmates for the transition back into their communities in the post-release phase of the program.

Home > Departments > Department of Reentry and Diversion> V.R.I.C. >
V.R.I.C. Components
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