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National End Demand Campaign
Demand Abolition - Hunt Alternatives Fund
As part of this national Campaign, the Department of Women’s Justice Services is participating as a member of the Steering Committee and providing Technical Expertise as practitioners.

Demand Abolition supports the movement to end modern-day slavery by combating the demand for sex trafficking and commercial sex in the US. By convening key stakeholders, conducting and disseminating research, and educating policymakers, Demand Abolition catalyzes systemic social change to reflect the dignity of all people.

Illinois End Demand Campaign
End Demand Illinois
Through our participation as a steering committee member of the END DEMAND ILLINOIS Campaign, we have partnered with the Polaris Project and the National Human Trafficking Center’s Hotline to provide 24-hour response in the Chicago area for victims calling the hotline through our Human Trafficking Response Team (HTRT). 

The goal of the campaign, funded by the NOVO Foundation, is to reform Illinois prostitution and human trafficking laws to deter the demand for commercial sex, increase prosecutions of pimps and traffickers, better serve the survivors and deter future victimization.

This overall effort is a direct result of a systemic approach to mobilize as a system; survivors, law enforcement, legislators, businesses, community leaders and the media to end the trafficking and the demand for prostitution.

Human Trafficking Response Team (HTRT)
DWJS offers resources to women involved in commercial sexual exploitation and prostitution. The HTRT is a multi-disciplinary team comprised of survivors of prostitution, court liaison, mental health professionals, addiction specialists, health service providers, and case managers.  The response team works closely with the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Department.  The police department has been trained to identify victims of prostitution who have been lead into the lifestyle out of desperation and survival.

A pivotal strategy in law enforcement’s approach is to focus on the demand for prostitution as well as offering services to the victim at the time of arrest.   The partnership with the Cook County Sheriff’s Police vice unit is unique and innovative.  The Sheriff’s Police Vice Unit identify women as a victim in need at the point of arrest.  The HTRT is deployed to the police station and offers the victim safety and services to assist in leaving the lifestyle and addressing the experience of a lifetime of traumatic incidents.  The intervention continues throughout the court process while ensuring safe re-entry into the community through the many resources developed through the Sheriff’s Women’s Justice Programs.

Sheriff Thomas J. Darts National “Johns” Arrest Sting Collaborations
have netted 575 Johns arrests

Cook County Public Morals Nuisance Violations (“Johns” Ordinance)
The intent of this ordinance is to abate the demand for prostitution by increasing fines for those individuals patronizing persons in prostitution.

Fines collected for violations are deposited in the established “Women’s Justice Fund” and utilized to pay for services for women and girls.

Cook County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff’s Women’s Justice Programs

Fax: 773-674-5441

Home > Womens Justice > Human Trafficking/Trafficking Response Team (TRT)
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